An easy day

As I struggle to come up with semi-original titles for these posts I wonder if the days and their accompanying posts are running together. I try to reflect on each day, but is it amounting to more than "This day was hard" or "This day went okay"? I don't know really, but I do know that today felt good. For starters it was a half day because of parent teacher conferences in the afternoon. Naturally that made things easier. But I have to say I felt energized from the long weekend and on top of my game in a way I haven't been in a while.

I spent Monday night relaxing but also preparing for today. Today I finally had my students grouped together in tables. Knowing this would lead to more talkativeness and distractions I knew I had to have some more engaging lesson plans ready. It wasn't rocket science or anything- just relying more on handouts, the overhead projector and hands on work. Even though it was a half day it still felt good that the lessons went smoothly and most of the students were engaged.

For tomorrow I'm trying more creative lesson plans - a non-fiction "scavenger hunt" around the classroom for example - and more group work. If today was any indication (and it most likely isn't) I feel like I'm turning a page and opening a new chapter of more creative, engaging and interactive learning. Tomorrow's a long day because of more parent teacher conferences in the evening, and I'm sure I'll have some reflections from these meetings when I get a chance.

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