Two Months

As a serious addendum to my last post I want to say how fun and interesting it is to get to know my students as individuals. The amount of growth they're going through as children is staggering and then when you consider the number of challenges and obstacles each of them is facing outside of school, it's overwhelming. Learning that one student lives in a homeless shelter for example, while another was kidnapped and abused a few years back... It's hard to compartmentalize this information and synthesize it with your understanding of a student without letting it get in the way of your teaching or their learning.

Meanwhile this past week marked my 9th week/Second month as a teacher. Hard to believe how it feels like I've been teaching forever and how much I feel like I've learned, grown and overcome in such a short time. This means I'm 25% finished with the school year and I don't know if that makes it feel shorter or longer, but it means something either way. Didn't have the most productive weekend unfortunately, but Tuesday is a Teacher Work Day so hopefully I can get a handle on things.


Anonymous said…
It's true, these stories make it very hard to teach and not think about the tough things these kids are going through. I guess though that in most cases, the best thing you can do for them is make them feel as normal as possible, and at the same time show them they can always talk to you if they want.

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