I guess this is growing up

I'm still working to wear the role of role model more comfortably. It's taking work to compartmentalize my life a bit more clearly. Obviously I know there's certain language or certain parts of my life (namely the way I spend my weekends pretending I'm still in college) that don't belong in the classroom at all. Still, as always, there's those parts of me that seem to fall into the gray area.

How truthful should I be about the music I listen to? Because the truth is my students and I might share some musical tastes (I'm thinking of Kanye not Soulja Boy to be clear). And how should I react to a gesture from a student that's overly familiar? I could see it as friendly or I could take it as disrespect.

I'm only six months removed from being a student myself. I'm still struggling to find my identity as a teacher and at times it makes for awkward interactions with my students. Obviously I want them to respect me above all else and to learn from me as an adult role model, not their friend. But I'm certainly not on the sort of authoritarian power trip I see on display sometimes around my school. I guess it's all part of the regular process of growing up post-graduation, and realizing certain parts of my life are behind me.

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oronde ash said…
make no doubts that a "friend" doesn't get any teaching done in NYC. at least not until you got a couple years under you. scare them in public, love them in private. "are you kidding me, mr. smith was nice to you." "yeah, we ate luch in class and we talked about rap and MTV." "get outta here." "no, fo' real. he know a lotta stuff about rap and shit"... soon they're gonna wanna be nice just to get that monthly invite to your lunchroom rap session.
IMC Guy said…
I don't think talking to them about your likes and dislikes is a problem at all. You may not be able to share everything, but showing them you're human isn't a bad thing.

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