Back to Work

I knew the week would fly by, but I still can't believe I'm going back to work in seven hours. I'm a chronic procrastinator, so I shouldn't be surprised that I put off a good deal of my work until Sunday night. Doesn't mean I'm not a little pissed at myself, but no use dwelling on it now. Would have been nice to have focused on finishing compiling my assessment binder instead of finishing the third season of Lost, but I guess I just wasn't trying hard enough to break out of my vacation mindset.

I feel rested, but I'm not sure if I feel ready to go back. The truth is I feel nervous. I can almost feel the physical reaction to the frustration and aggravation I'm sure I'll encounter. In spite of that I'm excited to be going back and hoping that I can find a good rhythm quickly. And of course there's only 39 school days left until my next break. They may sound like I hold a negative opinion of my job, but really as much as I'm come to love it, I also survive by keeping my eyes on the days off that serve as the light at the end of the tunnel.


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