This Year Will Be Different

It's hard to believe my first week's already gone by. I knew this year would be different, but it still amazes me.

My AP came into the classroom this morning. For the second day in a row we had 100% attendance. All but 4 were in uniform. The kids were sitting straight up, quietly and attentive. That's when it happens. "Wow, you guys look great. Really, right now I think you guys are my top class."

I'm not sure what my AP's "top class" designation means, but I do know he was looking at my class and thinking about last year at the same time. I'm constantly doing the same. And the juxtaposition in my classroom is startling.

In a week the work the students have done, the assessments I've made, the environment we've created - all in sweltering heat - it probably would have taken months a year ago. I don't know how seriously I should take my AP's compliment, but I felt incredibly proud. I couldn't believe how great my class looked and how far we'd all come.


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