Congratulations on Another Sucessful Year

Don't worry, I know how to spell successful. But I saw it misspelled recently in the phrase above, and for some reason it seems to sum up the slightly off kilter tone of the end of the school year.

This should be a time for celebration, congratulations and reflection. In many ways it's exactly that. Classes are cramming in last minute field trips. There are award ceremonies for every grade, as well as a moving up ceremony for kindergarten and a graduation ceremony for the 5th grade. And yet, there's something rotten in Denmark.

With the arrival of the dreaded reorganization sheet, gossip has run amok. Trust seems to be at an all-time low. Who's pleased and who's angry? Who's in with the principal and who's out? Who's staying and who's going? Adding to the tension is the stress of cleaning out classrooms and filing all sorts of paperwork for next year's classes. This is a process that requires patience, flexibility and cooperation between different grade level teachers. Due to recent events, that seems to be on short supply.

So, here we are as a school, just days from completing a tough, yet successful year. As these final eight days wind down, it would be nice to experience them like a slow, peaceful exhalation. Unfortunately, it feels like everyone's holding their breath.


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