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  /n. ɪkˈsɛs, ˈɛksɛs; adj., v. ˈɛksɛs, ɪkˈsɛs/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [n. ik-ses, ek-ses; adj., v. ek-ses, ik-ses] Show IPA
1. the fact of exceeding something else in amount or degree: His strength is in excess of yours.
2. the amount or degree by which one thing exceeds another: The bill showed an excess of several hundred dollars over the estimate.
3. an extreme or excessive amount or degree; superabundance: to have an excess of energy.
4. a going beyond what is regarded as customary or proper: to talk to excess.
5. immoderate indulgence; intemperance in eating, drinking, etc.
6. more than or above what is necessary, usual, or specified; extra: a charge for excess baggage; excess profits.
–verb (used with object)
7. to dismiss, demote, transfer, or furlough (an employee), esp. as part of a mass layoff.


Miss A said…
Oh, man.

If only our school system understood the need for consistency with our kids. Too many shuffles leads to chaos for everyone.

I'm thinking positive thoughts your way.
jonathan said…
It's taken me until the end of school to begin catching up on June reading.

This really sucks. Good luck with the search (I hope you manage to stay in the same district. The need is real, even if the budgets are tight)

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