Stir Crazy

Maybe it's the stress of end of the year classroom cleaning. Or the stress of the reorganization sheet and the threat of impending excesses. Or maybe it's acting as the top of a boiling pot of energy that is children a week away from summer vacation. Whatever the reason, people around school seem to be going a bit crazy.

I've already mentioned that the general attitude around the school sucks lately. But it seems to have reached a breaking point. People are snapping at one another. Tears are being shed. It's just ugly all over, and it's a shame to see it at a time that could or should be so overwhelming positive.

Sometimes I think elementary schools are a lot like summer camps. Not just for the kids, but for the adults too. Every year as the end of the summer approached, drama would explode the second to last week. Everyone was at each other's throats, and it seemed to be a subconscious reaction to too much time spent together combined with the anxiety of the impending separation. In a way you fought to make the end of summer easier. Don't know if that's what's happening at my school, but it would be nice to think that at the root of all this drama we were all just trying to cope with the year coming to an end.


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