Laugh it Off

Did I mention my kids tell me my breath stinks? For a while they would just say it behind my back and I would pretend not to hear. Once one of them (one guess as to which student) started saying it to my face that became harder to do. So today when I heard it once again, I just asked politely, "Well, do you have a tic-tac?" It didn't really shut him up, but at least it was better than saying nothing.

Today was another challenging day. But I feel like I'm building up a resistance to the frustration of so much time wasted and so much energy expended, just trying to get through a lesson plan without half the class talking over the one student who's trying to read aloud or share an idea. And at the end of the day I still was able to smile and joke. Which feels somehow like a small victory.


Unknown said… always complain about that...I've heard it a million times...the first time they say it to me, I always thank them, and ask them to always tell me so that I can take care of that. It allows them to see I am human too..

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