Time Flies...

I wouldn't say I'm having fun, but I'm still surprised how fast this year is going by. I'm thinking about May. It feels so far away, but really less than 5 months ago I was graduating and didn't know what I was doing next. It wasn't until Friday before commencement that I was accepted to Teaching Fellows and I even had any options. It wasn't that long ago I was just relaxing in Nantucket with my friends and practically on a whim decided to enroll in the Teaching Fellows program, without being sure I would actually do it.

Then June came and less than two weeks before training started I signed the commitment forms and signed up for tests and bought a ticket to New York. When I think about my decision what strikes me is that it was motivated by nothing more than an ideal. I had no idea what teaching really meant or how hard it would really be. The pre-service training while not preparing me completely for classroom teaching, did help prepare me for the reality of teaching as more than an idea. It helped me see teaching as something concrete, and something very, very hard.

Now it's already October. I'm like a real, working adult now. It's weird. And I actually made it through the first month of teaching including this past week, which was easily the hardest yet. Making it through this week, barely, gave me hope. And today, it clicked, perhaps for the first time. Teaching can be fun. And watching the kids enjoy what they're doing is amazing to watch. Now it's on me to make that happen more and more. When I have complete control of the class I know I can do that. Until then I'll take the rare moments like today's as they come.


You are so thoughtful and reflective. It's an honor to read about your process. And...if you can make it 5 weeks, you can make it 10 and if you can make it 10 you can easily make it to Winter Break and if you make it to January 1st...it really goes fast from there. Just beware, you might end up signing up for extra time just as I did when I fell "in love" with my ladies of the prison system. Be careful for what true satisfaction feels like.


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